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Our Diesel Driven Poshomills, offering a diverse range of models to cater to various farm sizes and processing needs. Explore the power and efficiency of the 10HP Cheese Engine, the 10HP Indian Engine Diesel Driven Poshomill, the 22HP GM 30 Poshomill, and the compact yet robust 7.5HP Cheese Make Rollermill, each designed to deliver precision and reliability in grain processing.

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  1. 10HP Cheese Engine Poshomill: Experience efficiency and versatility with the 10HP Cheese Engine Poshomill, an ideal choice for small to mid-sized grain milling operations. This model combines a powerful 10HP engine with precision milling mechanisms, ensuring a consistent and finely ground end product. Its compact design makes it suitable for diverse farm settings.Key Features:
    • Efficient 10HP Cheese Engine
    • Versatile for small to mid-sized milling operations
    • Precision milling mechanisms for consistent results
    • Compact design for easy installation and operation
  2. 10HP Indian Engine Diesel Driven Poshomill: Elevate your grain milling capabilities with the 10HP Indian Engine Diesel Driven Poshomill, crafted for efficiency and reliability. This model harnesses the power of a robust diesel engine, ensuring a continuous and reliable source of power for consistent grain milling. Its user-friendly features make it suitable for various milling needs.Key Features:
    • Robust 10HP Indian Engine Diesel Driven
    • Reliable and continuous power source
    • User-friendly features for ease of operation
    • Suitable for diverse grain milling applications
  3. 22HP GM 30 Poshomill: Optimize your grain processing with the 22HP GM 30 Poshomill, designed for large-scale milling operations. This powerhouse features a high-performance 22HP engine, coupled with advanced milling technology, delivering efficient and rapid grain milling. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity in demanding milling environments.Key Features:
    • High-performance 22HP GM 30 engine
    • Advanced milling technology for rapid processing
    • Suitable for large-scale grain milling operations
    • Sturdy construction for durability in demanding environments
  4. 7.5HP Cheese Make Rollermill: Discover precision milling with the 7.5HP Cheese Make Rollermill, designed for both efficiency and space optimization. This compact yet powerful poshomill features a 7.5HP engine, delivering reliable performance in grain processing. The rollermill mechanism ensures uniform milling results, making it an excellent choice for various milling applications.Key Features:
    • Compact 7.5HP Cheese Make engine
    • Efficient and reliable performance
    • Rollermill mechanism for uniform milling results
    • Suitable for diverse grain milling applications with limited space

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