Diesel Driven Feed Chopper


Our advanced line of Feed Choppers, catering to diverse farm sizes and requirements. Our collection includes three powerful models: the 22HP Diesel-Driven Chopper, the 16HP Diesel-Driven Chopper, and the compact yet efficient 10HP Diesel-Driven Chopper. Each chopper is a testament to precision and performance, ensuring that your farm’s forage needs are met with unparalleled efficiency.

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  1. 22HP Diesel-Driven Chopper: Harness the pinnacle of chipping power with our 22HP Diesel-Driven Chopper, tailored for large-scale farming operations. This robust machine effortlessly transforms raw forage into finely chopped feed, optimizing digestibility for your livestock. Equipped with a durable cutting system and adjustable settings, this chopper guarantees consistent and customizable results.Key Features:
    • High-powered 22HP diesel engine
    • Robust cutting system for efficient chopping
    • Adjustable settings for customized feed size
    • Suitable for large-scale forage processing
  2. 16HP Diesel-Driven Chopper: Strike the perfect balance between power and versatility with our 16HP Diesel-Driven Chopper. Designed for mid-sized farms, this chopper ensures efficient forage processing without compromising on space or performance. The adjustable feed chute and user-friendly controls offer flexibility, making it an ideal choice for various forage types.Key Features:
    • Versatile 16HP diesel engine
    • Efficient forage processing for mid-sized farms
    • Adjustable feed chute for flexibility
    • User-friendly controls for ease of operation
  3. 10HP Diesel-Driven Chopper: Experience compact yet reliable forage processing with our 10HP Diesel-Driven Chopper, tailored for smaller-scale farming operations. This chopper delivers precision in chopping, and its compact design ensures maneuverability in tight spaces. Ideal for diverse forage types, this model guarantees efficiency without compromise.Key Features:
    • Compact and maneuverable design
    • 10HP diesel engine for reliable performance
    • Ideal for smaller-scale forage processing
    • Precision chopping for diverse forage types

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