Single Phase Electric Motor Driven Poshomill


Our Electric Motor Driven Poshomills, offering advanced solutions to meet the diverse needs of your farming operations. Explore the efficiency and innovation of the 5.5HP Single-phase Poshomill and the powerful 7.5HP Single-phase Poshomill, each designed to deliver precise and reliable grain milling results.


  1. 5.5HP Single-phase Poshomill: Unleash the efficiency of the 5.5HP Single-phase Poshomill, tailored for small to mid-sized grain milling operations. This poshomill combines a compact design with a powerful 5.5HP electric motor, ensuring a steady and reliable source of power for consistent milling. The single-phase operation simplifies setup and operation, making it an ideal choice for diverse farm settings.

    Key Features:

    • Powerful 5.5HP Single-phase electric motor
    • Compact design for space optimization
    • Reliable and steady power source for consistent milling
    • Single-phase operation for simplified setup and operation
  2. 7.5HP Single-phase Poshomill: Elevate your grain milling capabilities with the 7.5HP Single-phase Poshomill, designed for efficiency and reliability. This model features a robust 7.5HP electric motor, ensuring a continuous and reliable power supply for efficient milling. The single-phase operation simplifies installation and operation, making it suitable for various milling needs.

    Key Features:

    • Robust 7.5HP Single-phase electric motor
    • Reliable and continuous power source for efficient milling
    • Single-phase operation for simplified installation and operation
    • Suitable for diverse grain milling applications

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