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Empower your farm and ensure uninterrupted power supply with our range of reliable Petrol Generators, available in three distinct types: the 1.5 Kva Petrol Generator, the 2.5 Kva Petrol Generator, and the 3 Kva Petrol Generator. These generators are designed to meet varying power needs, providing a portable and efficient solution for your agricultural operations.

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  1. 1.5 Kva Petrol Generator: The 1.5 Kva Petrol Generator is a compact and portable power solution suitable for smaller applications on the farm. Whether you need to operate light machinery, power tools, or provide backup power for essential equipment, this generator offers a reliable and efficient power source. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and maneuver around the farm as needed.

    Key Features:

    • Compact and portable design
    • Ideal for smaller applications and backup power
    • Reliable power source for essential equipment
    • Easy to transport and maneuver on the farm
  2. 2.5 Kva Petrol Generator: The 2.5 Kva Petrol Generator strikes a balance between power and portability, making it suitable for a broader range of applications on the farm. With increased capacity, this generator can efficiently handle more substantial equipment, making it an excellent choice for powering medium-sized machinery or multiple tools simultaneously. Its robust build ensures durability in various working conditions.

    Key Features:

    • Increased capacity for broader applications
    • Suitable for medium-sized machinery and multiple tools
    • Robust build for durability in different working conditions
    • Versatile power source for a variety of farm operations
  3. 3 Kva Petrol Generator: The 3 Kva Petrol Generator is a powerhouse designed to handle more significant power demands on the farm. With its higher capacity, this generator is ideal for powering larger machinery, equipment, or multiple tools simultaneously. Its robust construction and advanced features make it a reliable source of power for various agricultural operations, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

    Key Features:

    • Higher capacity for more significant power demands
    • Ideal for powering larger machinery and equipment
    • Robust construction for durability and reliability
    • Advanced features for efficient and productive farm operations

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