Bucket Milking Machine


Our efficient Bucket Milking Machines, available in two versatile models: the 1 Bucket Milking Machine and the 2 Bucket Milking Machine. These milking machines are designed to streamline your milking process, providing convenience and reliability for dairy farmers of varying scales.

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  1. 1 Bucket Milking Machine: The 1 Bucket Milking Machine is a compact and efficient solution for smaller dairy farms or those with a limited number of milking animals. This milking machine is equipped with a single bucket, designed for ease of use and straightforward operation. It is an ideal choice for farmers looking for a cost-effective and space-efficient milking solution.Key Features:
    • Compact design for space efficiency
    • Ideal for small to medium-sized dairy farms
    • Single bucket for straightforward operation
    • Cost-effective solution for milking needs
  2. 2 Bucket Milking Machine: The 2 Bucket Milking Machine is a robust and versatile option suitable for larger dairy farms with a higher volume of milking animals. With two buckets in operation simultaneously, this milking machine offers increased efficiency and productivity. It is designed to handle a greater milking capacity, making it an excellent choice for farmers with expanding herds.Key Features:
    • Dual-bucket system for increased milking capacity
    • Suitable for medium to large-sized dairy farms
    • Enhanced efficiency with simultaneous milking
    • Reliable and robust design for long-lasting performance

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